Video Production & Content Development

Enhance your image, share your story or drive engagement with strategically designed videos.

Pender Communications has professional camera operators, state-of-the-art editing systems and the journalistic chops to write and produce digital content that’s creative, informative and speaks directly to your targeted audience.

No longer a nice add-on, videos have become a critical marketing tool in an SEO obsessed world. Google, MSN, Yahoo, AOL and countless other Search Engines give priority to websites containing video content. There’s no denying consumers have a growing appetite for web video, but don’t take our word for it—consider this:

Our HD videos are suitable for television or your website, company blog, social media and intranet.

Our video production services include:

  • Online marketing videos

  • Training & Instructional videos

  • Customer/Patient testimonials

  • Messaging campaigns

  • News features  

Check-out our other videos:

"Since day 1 in private practice, I have had the fortune to develop an extremely successful dental practice, without ever thinking of doing any kind of public relations or advertising. The rules have changed. I just became a client of Pender Communications and have no words to describe how awesome of an experience such decision has been. Her knowledge, experience and communication skills are superb. We all need a "coach" to go to the next level, but the ability and vision to implement future goals can only take place when you trust and interact with the best!"

Sergio Rubinstein D.D.S., Skokie, IL

Media Skills Training

In the age of the internet, the stakes have never been higher.

Deliver a gaffe or embarrassing blunder and it lives forever on the world wide web. Pender Communications' customized workshops and seminars help executives and other media communicators avoid media missteps that can have disastrous consequences. Often a PR crisis occurs because a spokesperson isn’t prepared to talk to the media or didn’t stay on message. Who can forget the massive blunder former BP CEO Tony Hayward made when he proclaimed how he’d like his life back in the wake of of the 2010 Deep Horizons disaster?

Knowing how to effectively prepare for and deliver compelling interviews is more often nurtured than natural. At Pender Communications, we help clients optimize their time in the spotlight while minimizing risk. Our training curriculum is industry specific and we incorporate simulated live on-camera drills for an authentic experience. Some of the territory we cover:

  • How to develop messages that appeal to journalists and the public.

  • Techniques for staying on message.

  • Common interview mistakes.

  • How to prepare for and manage a crisis.

As they say, it takes one to know one. Pender Communications founder and principal, Nancy Pender, is an Emmy and Peabody award-winning former journalist who’s covered the big stories and asked the tough questions. Her news experience spans 20 years with the latter part of her career spent in Chicago as an anchor and reporter for Fox affiliate WFLD-TV. Her journalism pedigree, and more recent experience as a PR executive, have helped form the foundation of her training style and philosophy. To know more about Nancy, please see our about page.

“I can’t say enough great things about my media training experience with Nancy. She’s a true pro, with a news/PR pedigree many other media trainers lack. She knows her stuff and shares what she calls the ‘rules of media engagement’ in a fun, engaging manner. I had a media interview shortly after our session and I have to say I enjoyed the interview, completely, for the first time. Maybe ever. I was in control and it felt great! Thank you Nancy!”

Laura Caldwell—Author, Law Professor, Director of Life After Innocence

Public Speaking & Presentation Coaching

What good is a speech or presentation no one remembers?

Our reality-based training helps clients from all business sectors prepare for and authentically engage an audience. Helping clients mitigate fear is an important component of what we do, but that’s just the beginning. Our customized workshops are designed to help clients:

  • Develop and structure engaging content tailored to an audience's interests.

  • Identify and tackle emotional barriers or nervous habits that impede performance.

  • Ensure messaging is clear and memorable.

  • Use body language and vocal delivery to enhance credibility.

  • Deliver visuals effectively.

  • Anticipate and handle difficult questions.

As a speaker, it's your job to make your content relevant to your audience. You also need to deliver it in a way that enhances, not erodes your credibility. Let us help your presentation standout from the legions of mediocre presentations delivered every day. Even experienced executives can kick their communications skills up a few notches with a little training. We guarantee it.


Media Relations

Pender Communications knows the inner workings of a newsroom, has the media relationships and can frame and pitch stories that appeal to reporters. 

We’ve been there. As former journalists we’ve been on the receiving end of thousands of pitches. We know what works and what doesn’t. We know how to leverage social and traditional media outlets to gain a competitive edge among targeted audiences and can show clients how to position themselves as a trusted media resource. It’s not just about getting earned media attention. It’s about building a brand, a reputation, that lets everyone know who you are and why you’re here.

“Nancy has been a tremendous asset to my Hospital during her engagement as consult for Media/PR. She has great understanding of PR and Media issues and an impressive network of connection to make things happen. I strongly endorse her skills and talent in this very specialized field.”

Enrico Benedetti—Professor of Surgery at University of Illinois at Chicago